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Documenting the progression of disease in the case of tumor patients is an important part of the treatment. OncoAssist can help from the point of diagnosis to treatment and aftercare. The OncoAssist module is based on the standardized basic dataset of the Working Group “German Tumor Centers” (ADT e. V.), which is the authority for reports from cancer centers to the clinical cancer registers. OncoAssist also supports certification as a cancer center and takes into account the needs of all medical disciplines to convert them into a user-friendly, doctor-oriented user interface. International studies and guidelines are always just a mouse click away. At the same time, OncoAssist reduces the workload involved in documentation by means of a fast entry method and can thus reduce the cost per case significantly. This means a lot more time and money which can be invested in other areas – all while optimizing quality thanks to the uniform documentation of relevant quality indicators.


OncoAssist improves your digital processes in all areas of oncology

OncoAssist consists of various modules for:

  • documenting oncological cases
  • tumor boards and tumor conferences (virtual or in-person)
  • interfaces to your HIS, PMS, LDT or DICOM system
  • interfaces to registries such as OnkoZert, German Cancer Society (DKG), etc.
  • patient portal
  • first and second opinion portals

Documenting the progression of disease in the case of tumor patients is an important but also time-consuming part of treatment. Many different systems for recording data and a lack of coordination among standardization bodies make the process even more of a challenge. This can lead to redundant content and even to repeated documentation. Documentation accounts for 20% of a doctor’s working time. OncoAssist significantly reduces the time and effort involved. It also makes preparing for a tumor conference an almost automatic process.

From diagnosis to treatment and aftercare – OncoAssist prevents unnecessary duplication at every step which requires documentation, providing fast, effective and secure assistance. The OncoAssist module is based on the standardized basic dataset of the Working Group of German Tumor Centers (ADT e. V.), the mandatory registry for reports from cancer centers to the clinical cancer registries. OncoAssist also supports certification as a cancer center and takes into account the needs of all medical disciplines to incorporate them into a user-friendly, physician-oriented user interface.

Use OncoAssist to reduce the workload involved in documentation and thus significantly cut the cost per case. A lot of time and money can be saved and invested in other areas, while simultaneously optimizing quality thanks to the standardized recording of relevant quality indicators.

Patient Feedback

SYou get much more than “just” an effective documentation system. By offering major potential for collaboration – for example by connecting you with experts throughout the country via virtual tumor boards – OncoAssist boosts the quality of treatment. OncoAssist is used in leading cancer centers and was developed with input from doctors and documentation specialists. Task lists make it easier to record all relevant details.

The referring doctor can also participate in virtual discussions regarding complex oncological cases. Doctors looking for advice can thus obtain it from expert colleagues, with a focus on the individual patient.

The Patient Journey interface illustrates a patient’s epicrisis at the click of a button with the option to insert tumor markers.

The automatic connection to external systems such as the cancer registry guarantees an efficient and goal-oriented workflow. You want better patient feedback, too? OncoAssist also offers ideal support in this regard.

OncoAssist helps with decision-making by enabling research in medical databases and access to international studies and guidelines.

OncoAssist – Tumor conference and documentation

How exactly does OncoAssist help you?

The various departments in a modern hospital need different things from modern software. But one core aspect is especially important to us: data security. Because sensitive patient data is at stake, Healthcare X.0, as a certified IT service provider, places particular emphasis on compliance with all GDPR regulations and the security of OncoAssist and the system into which the software is integrated in hospitals.

Here is a brief overview of the additional benefits provided by OncoAssist:

Hospital management

Hospital management

Digitalization is becoming ever more important in healthcare. Links to partner hospitals and clinics, registered doctors, and recognized experts improves treatment quality. Thanks to improved quality of care, audit-standard documentation, and, of course, time-saving benefits, OncoAssist leads to a higher contribution margin.

As THE state-of-the-art software for documentation and collaboration in healthcare, OncoAssist assures you a competitive advantage and makes you even more appealing as an employer. At the same time, it grants a strategic advantage thanks to specialization as an oncological center and connects you to referring doctors – which not only boosts your organisation’s reputation, but also your patient numbers.


When it comes to complicated oncological cases, it is often difficult to facilitate the best possible treatment if the appropriate expertise is lacking. One of OncoAssist’s strengths is collaboration with colleagues from all disciplines via the virtual tumor board, freeing participants from the need to meet in person.

Thanks to more background information and quick access to documents and relevant literature – either directly with OncoAssist or via links to specialists – you can achieve significantly better treatment possibilities. PROMs directly involve your patients, leading to improved patient feedback.

Make use of group intelligence with OncoAssist to create transparent processes which in turn lead to transparent decisions.
Documentation specialists

Documentation specialists

OncoAssist simplifies and reduces the time needed to record patient data: The HIS interface in OncoAssist means there is no need to enter master data. The time-saving benefits are even greater, as the one-off documentation ensures that the data is automatically entered into OncoBox and the Clinical Cancer Registry (KKR). In the latter instance, OncoAssist offers additional support via the Cancer Registry interface. An Info button provides background information. What’s more, the standardized entry with a search function and the rapid recording of data in structured input fields are not only more user-friendly, they also make recording data easier than in the KKR registration portal.

Assessments and task lists in the clearly structured OncoAssist dashboard allow you to extract added value from your data.


Integrating a new system does not have to be a time-consuming process. Operating OncoAssist is straightforward: As a browser-based, certified cloud computing solution, OncoAssist is both user-friendly and safe to use with a VPN. It does not require user support or assistance from a hospital’s IT department. It is also automatically updated, saving time and effort. The comprehensive standardization of OncoAssist – e.g. with image and data recording via HL7 and DICOM interfaces – ensures interoperability.

OncoAssist is also great value for money: there are no ongoing costs for service, data security, updates, etc. And OncoAssist requires no extra investment in additional hardware or software.


What exactly is OncoAssist?

What exactly is OncoAssist?

OncoAssist is a web-based software solution which supports tumor conferences and documentation.
The OncoAssist philosophy

The OncoAssist philosophy

The primary focus is on improving communication and reducing workload, meaning there is extra time to treat patients. OncoAssist takes into account the needs of all medical disciplines and creates a user-friendly, doctor-oriented user interface.
Who is OncoAssist aimed at?

Who is OncoAssist aimed at?

OncoAssist is aimed at the IT departments of clinics and hospitals and helps to reduce workload.
What are the benefits of OncoAssist?

What are the benefits of OncoAssist?

OncoAssist greatly increases productivity and raises communication to a new level. Because the solution is web-based, there is no need for installation or maintenance. This saves time and reduces personnel costs.
How secure is OncoAssist?

How secure is OncoAssist?

OncoAssist uses its own redundant data centers based exclusively in Germany in order to maintain the highest possible level of data protection.

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Chris-Gilbert König

Sometimes there is a moment in life which demands clear decisions and has long-term effects. In my life that moment was the creation of Healthcare X.0. A fateful event in my own family was the spark and motivation for me to improve the treatment of tumor patients by digital means. OncoAssist is not merely an innovative, high-quality product. For me and the entire team here at Healthcare X.0 it is, first and foremost, an effective tool which makes the everyday work of doctors treating tumor patients both faster and easier – which ultimately benefits the patients themselves. To achieve this, we cooperate closely with hospitals, their management and leading doctors, and react swiftly to practical experience and requirements as we develop and optimize OncoAssist.

Chris-Gilbert König
CEO Healthcare X.0

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